MELODY is a European harmonised CBRN training curriculum for first responders and medical staff, including ambulance drivers, paramedics and emergency room personnel.

The target group includes members of agencies that are responsible for dealing with emergencies, being unintentional or intentional releases of CBRN, which require immediate action. The MELODY training provides a clear picture of the possible consequences and effects and how to act together in a safe and effective and efficient way.
Course image CBRN Basics & Terminology

The MELODY elearnings are part of the MELODY CBRN training.  Modules one and two of the training are on Terminology and CBRN basics. These two modules can be viewed as an e-learning.

In these modules, trainees will be trained in the very basic knowledge on the general principles of CBRN, aiming the trainees to recognize a potential CBRN threat and recall how to act.

The e-learning is responsive to the screen size, so accessible on a smartphone, tablet and laptop and contains interactive parts and quizzes.